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You should expect your builder to be happy to answer questions about the job from the start to the end of the project. You should expect your builder to help you understand each stage of the works to be undertaken.

You should expect your builder to be happy to make changes to the job, but you must notify your builder as soon as possible because changes will become more difficult and more costly as work is completed. You should expect your builder to amend timescales and deadlines if the changes will affect them and you should expect to pay for changes that will incur additional costs to your builder.

Make sure all agreements are in writing. Keep a diary of how the work is progressing; take regular photos of the site. Photograph any mistakes as you notice them.


You should understand that things can sometimes go wrong in construction. You should learn to recognise things that are down to the incompetence or negligence of the builder and those problems that are outside of the builder’s control.  It is often how a builder rectifies problems that show their quality rather than the problems themselves.

In order that the project goes well you should see yourself and your builder as partners. Building a relationship based on mutual trust and respect is the key to a successful project. Try and communicate with your builder effectively to ensure you understand each other.

You should remember that any contract entered in to legally binds yourself to the agreement not just your builder.

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